First Blog Entry

Well, this is the first blog entry for Noreast Whips. I hope & trust you all had a pleasant & safe Thanksgiving Day. I want to say thank you to all past customers of Noreast Whips for purchasing our nylon whips, and to all customers who are currently waiting for their whips to arrive (you know who you are). I sincerely appreciate your patience & patronage in helping Noreast Whips strive to build the best handling & best looking nylon whips around.
This is also the first time I’ve decided to do a whip raffle. The thought has been in my mind for several months, and this week I finally decided to have a go at it and hold a raffle for a nylon Zorro whip. A couple months back I built the first nylon Zorro whip for a customer down in Alabama, Mr. David Stokes. David recently started a forum, . It has to do with guns, whips, knives & swords. A pretty cool place to hang out if you enjoy those topics. Check it out if you have a few minutes to spare.
There are several ideas I have for new whips, so keep checking back to the site often. Some of these no doubt will be the first of their kind, and sure to please many whip fans.
Till next time,
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One Response to First Blog Entry

  1. David says:

    I wish that there was more of the whip in the Zorro movies =) I think his trademark is more swordsmanship. Still, the Zorro whips look great and probably handle even better. Happy holidays, Steve!

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