Zorro Whip Raffle

Regarding my last entry on the various paracord distributors, I made a mistake in assuming that Tony Layzell was using www.elwoodbraiding.com for his nylon whips. He set me straight in the comments section . My apologies, Tony. He in fact uses www.ubraidit.com.  It’s another company I haven’t used myself, but hear good things regarding their service. I’ll be trying them in the near future.
If you haven’t yet bought a ticket for the Zorro Whip Raffle, then head on over to www.neawhips.com and jump in! Cost per ticket is $10 & you can enter as many times as you wish, either for yourself or your favorite Zorro fan. There’s also a Zorro whip of ours on ebay right now if you want to be sure to get one.
In the coming weeks, I’d like to add a testimonials page to the site & possibly some pics of customers’ whips built from using the whipmaking kit. A thought of accepting older nylons for a trade-in on a newer whip is something I’ve thought of. The value of the trade-in would be assessed and applied to the cost of a new whip. I’d also like to put up a short instructional page with pics, such as how to change over a twisted fall on a nylon whip to a single strand fall, attached with a more traditional style fall hitch. Several months ago I discarded the traditional twisted end on our nylon whips, still used by many nylon whipmakers. Through many emails and discussions with whip enthusiasts, a common complaint with nylon whips concerns the twisted end of the whip. The twisted section would lead to a single strand to which the cracker was attached. I’ve since started using a single strand for the fall, passed into itself and tied off in the same manner as on a well-made leather whip. There are still some older pics on the site of whips with the twisted portion, but are slowly being weeded off.
This method has been used by many others before I decided to finally use it for good. Yet I stuck with the older method for no real reason, other than the tradition of nylon whipmaking. This all came about when Chris Camp contacted me about building him a nylon whip with a leather fall attached. If you’ve never heard of Chris or visited his site, check out http://thewhipguy.com/ . Chris is a great guy that gets to do what a lot of whipcrackers would like to, travel the world & country performing with his whips. He’s also a Guinness Book Record Holder & proponent of wild west shows.
Well, that’s about it for now. If you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see on the website, drop me an email or leave a comment. Also, if you have any testimonials, be it written or video testimonial, like crackin’ a Noreast whip on youtube or something, send em in. I’d appreciate hearin’ from ya .
Till next time,
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One Response to Zorro Whip Raffle

  1. Mel says:

    Hey Steve no need to apologise M8 I used Ubraidit the first time because I liked the way their site was laid out easy to navigate etc etc….I\’ve stuck with them because the service is great….Drop me an email when you get a chance I\’ve been messing about withy nylon falls and have come up with a way of doing them in nylon but heavier so you can whack them on there longer….Take care Steve and get your Bio up over on that other siteTony

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