Some Whip Pics

Well, I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas & a safe & Happy New Year!

There’s something pretty cool about seeing old photos of whips from movies. Chris from MSU recently sent me a couple pics of movie legends. Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. is seen below during whip practice. Photo was taken in 1925, possibly on the set of Don Q Son Of Zorro.

An interesting comparison between the Zorro movies of old and those with Anthony Hopkins & Antonio Banderas is the type of whip used. Douglas Fairbanks used an Australian stockwhip, featuring the long-handled design of this type of whip. Hopkins, in the candle-snuffing scene within the cave, uses an Australian style bullwhip, long handle with a fancy silver ring high on the handle. Banderas wielded the short-handled American style bullwhip.





Many people have heard of Lash LaRue, but few may realize that another western character named Whip Wilson also used a bullwhip on the silver screen.  Though Hollywood had created a fictional biography for him, no doubt to hype his image, Whip (real name, Roland Charles Meyers) did  appear in more films than Lash LaRue, Rex Allen and some other notables of the same era. Below are some movie posters featuring Whip Wilson.




I’ve never seen any movie with Whip Wilson or Lash LaRue, and only clips of Douglas Fairbanks, Sr., though I do enjoy seeing these old photos. My favorite would still be………………..


But you knew I’d say that, right?

I came across this funny pic online earlier today, made me laugh. Now, let’s see if I can get this right….may hafta go out and practice this!


If any of you find some interesting pics of whips in movies, or wherever, send em on over & maybe I’ll post them on the blog. Thanks for reading.

Till next time,


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One Response to Some Whip Pics

  1. Mel says:

    LOL…love the old pictures of Fairbanks Snr, but esecially love the drawing sequence of the overhead crack instructions…as you folks over there say *Wicked Good*Yony

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