Whip Cracking Videos

People ask me quite often, "does a nylon whip crack as well as a leather whip?" No amount of words through email can convey how a nylon whip cracks. It either needs to be seen or felt personally. Although there are people who’ll never concede that nylon is a legitimate material for making a whip, the fact is that nylon whips have their place, and can perform everything that a quality made leather whip can. You may enjoy the smell of a kangaroo whip, the texture of the grain in the leather, or some zen-like feel you experience when cracking a kangaroo hide whip. Whatever it is, it’s true that few things can compare to a finely crafted kangaroo hide whip made by a talented whipmaker. But nylon whips crack pretty well, too!

Once in a while, customers will send me youtube videos cracking their Noreast Whips nylon whip. I always enjoy seeing these, and am thankful that people take the time to show their appreciation for their whip. I’ve been meaning for quite some time to make a video or two myself, demonstrating how a nylon whip compares in its handling to a kangaroo hide whip. I still haven’t done this, so I hope you enjoy the following videos by some great customers of Noreast Whips.

The whip this customer is using below is an 8 foot, 16 plait Young Indy Nylon Bullwhip. The thong is black with the handle overlaid in red paracord to achieve the appearance of the whip Indy uses as a teenager in The Last Crusade.






Here’s another video from a customer who’s a martial arts instructor. Check out his other vids on youtube of his whipcracking. Anyone who’s just starting out with whips can learn a lot from David. In the short period he’s been whipcracking, he’s made incredible progress! Here he’s using a 6 foot black Standard Bullwhip with black & red knots and a whitehide leather fall.




This last video shows a customer with an 8 foot black Standard Bullwhip with black & silver knots. This is from another David, thanks again!






This next vid comes from a customer named Travis who, along with his boys, made a cool Indy vid on a rainy day. Look for the scene where the young whipcracker flashes his skills with his Mini-Raiders Bullwhip. Thanks Travis!







Well, I hope you enjoyed the videos. If you’ve never cracked a nylon whip but always wondered just what one sounds like or handles, then hopefully these vids from just a few of the fine customers who own a Noreast Whips whip will give you a better idea. My many thanks again to all of you who’ve bought whips from me and have helped put Noreast Whips at the forefront of nylon whipmaking!

Till next time,



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