Victor “Skip” SanSoucie Bullwhip

In my last post, I discussed the differences in opinions in regards to waxing nylon whips. I’d like to re-emphasize that I wasn’t picking on anyone, nor criticizing any other whipmaker’s belief on the subject of wax. As I said before, there’s been a mild debate over this, and not something that’s worth long discussions & poor comparisons or illustrations.

With that said, I received a nice email from fellow nylon whipmaker Rhett Kelley the other day. Rhett is a gentleman, and though he wasn’t obligated to, still sent me a kind email, informing me of his response to my post on the matter. So, in all fairness, I believe if anyone still has questions about this subject, or would just like to read Rhett’s thoughts, go on over to his blog. Thanks again, Rhett, you are a scholar & a gentleman!

Now, on to the next post!

Yesterday I was pumped when I picked up a couple packages at the post office. I like getting packages in the mail, but this particular one I’ve been looking forward to getting. In it was a 6 ft, wood-handled, 8 plait latigo bullwhip made by Skip SanSoucie of Ahh yes, the smell of leather! I know, I know, I build nylon whips. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like leather whips. In fact, I love a nice roohide or cowhide whip, built by a talented whipmaker. Skip’s whips are top-notch latigo whips. Check out the pics below:                                                                                             


Skip bevels the opposite corners on each strand, allowing for a smooth & even feel to the tightly plaited strands. The whip rolls out beautifully & cracks with little effort. The wooden handle, if I remember correctly, is a wood called lignum, a very dense & hard wood from South America. Skip has always described his whips as both quality & being affordable. This is absolutely true! I’ll say this with no hesitation…if you’re thinking of getting a quality-built, well-priced leather whip and you’re not sure where to go…go to Skip! There are some sellers on everyone’s favorite auction site, yep you guessed it , that offer low-quality whips, many of which aren’t even made in this country. Some are made here, but barely north of the border. These whips fail in comparison to the exemplary quality of a Handmade Whips product. And guess what? They’re made right here in the U.S.! By getting one of Skip’s whips, you’re helping yourself & supporting your country. Thanks again, Skip, for a terrific whip!

~Till next time, Steve.                                                                             

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