Australian Plaiters & Whipmakers Association

If you’ve been building whips for any amount of time, or are simply interested in learning more about whips, then it would  help you to be a member of the APWA. Information on whips & whipmaking, everything from the history of whips to more refined techniques that some of the top whipmakers in the world today use. The articles in the journal are both interesting & invaluable to all people dedicated to furthering the craft of whipmaking & bettering their own skills.

Even if you don’t decide to become a member, there’s an online forum which houses a wealth of info on whipmaking. Chris Barr, award-winning whipmaker & editor of the APWA, is also the moderator of the forum. His website,  has some great pictures of his work. The forum alone is packed with tips & techniques from whipmakers all over the world, some retired, many still active. There are sections on tying knots, plaiting leather belts, leather tools, info on whipmakers from the past & much more. Here you can glean insights from those who you may or may not ever have the privilege to meet. Much of the info gathered here is that which you’d never learn on your own, highly indispensable knowledge. It’s a goldmine of whip info right at your fingertips!

Now, having said that, understand that anyone can become a member of the APWA. You don’t even need to be a whipmaker to obtain membership. Although becoming a member of the APWA doesn’t necessarily classify you as a whipmaker, or mean that you build quality whips, in my opinion, it would be somewhat foolish for anyone building whips not to take advantage of the membership opportunity in the APWA. Go on over there now & check it out!

~Till next time, Steve.

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