New Whipcracking Record

Sometime ago, Robert Dante attempted & unofficially set a new record for most cracks in a minute with a bullwhip. On October 12, 2008 in Sunset Park, Minnesota, Robert successfully posted 254 cracks in one minute with a 6 ft bullwhip. He was recently notified by The Guinness Book Of World Records that he does indeed hold the most recent record. This is the 3rd time that Robert has held the top spot on this list. The whip he used is unknown to me, but I’ve sent him a question regarding it, so when he answers, I’ll post it here. You can read Robert’s blog post by clicking this link,

My congratulations to Robert for this astounding feat! For those of you who don’t know, Robert Dante has been a whip performer for much of his life. He performs at wild west shows, circuses, cabarets, nightclubs & corporate events. He’s the founder of The Bullwhip Academy, a school dedicated to the instruction of whipcracking to anyone interested. In 2008, Robert was awarded the Brian Chic Whip Artistry Award by the Society Of American Whip Artistry.

It’s Dante’s belief that someday we may in fact see someone reach the 300 crack plateau. Although that belief isn’t shared by all whipcrackers, to reach that level would require 5 cracks a minute. Do I believe it can be done? At this point, no. The rules require the whip used in a record attempt to have an attached leather fall. I build whips which have either a nylon or leather fall, depending on the model of the whip. One difference I see between the two, apart from the weight, is the faster speed of a whip with a nylon fall. To me, and I realize I may be bordering on hysteria, but it may be possible to reach 300 cracks a minute with an all-nylon whip.

~Till next time, Steve.

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