Whip Donations

At least half a dozen times a year, various whip-cracking groups or whip enthusiast organizations contact me to be a sponsor for an upcoming event. I usually contribute to two or three of these events each year. It’s good from time to time for whipmakers to throw out a whip for a whip-cracking event, hopefully getting some business from it in the process. I’m not offering free whips to every group that contacts me, but if you are heading up an event and are in need of sponsors, drop me an email, let me know what exactly is going on, and maybe I can be of some help.

Now, having said that, it kind of surprises me, even bothers me a little, that groups which I’ve donated to in the past, will send out a cold, form-like email requesting another donation. Now I’m not going off on a rant, but it’s nice practice when people I’ve dealt with in the past at least use my name in the opening of the email. Yes, I know that they have several people to contact, they’re very busy, so what does it matter if they greet me by name? I suppose it doesn’t matter much; but I’m very busy, too, and if I receive an email addressed to "past sponsors" of such & such an event, then I hit the delete button. It shows me that they’re not too concerned with dealing with a person, but an entity, a company, a sponsor. I think people forget that whip companies are actually whip people, or a whip person.

So, if you’re hosting a whip-cracking event, or one that includes whip-cracking, and are looking for some sponsors, feel free to drop me an email with some legitimate info concerning the event. I don’t promise that I’ll send you a whip, as I can’t possibly sponsor all who contact me. But some I will sponsor, even happily. Just do me a small favor, address the email to Steve, that’s me. I’ll appreciate it.  

~Till next time, Steve.

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