Knot Foundation Tutorial Video

The other day I took some time, while finishing up a pair of bullwhips, to take a video or two of building a solid foundation for the heel knot. A common failing point on a lot of whips, both nylon & leather, is a knot foundation that wobbles or moves over time. My methods for building the knot foundation have not changed much in the past five years, though there’s been some tweaks here & there. Hopefully, this tutorial will help out some people.

There are two videos to this tutorial, Part 1 & Part 2, as they’re labeled on Part 1 was uploaded yesterday & Part 2 will be tomorrow sometime. As anyone who’s uploaded videos to that site knows, it can take a while for the upload to finish. Go ahead and check it out, leave a comment or give a rating, preferably a good one, if you like it and/or if it helps you in your own whipmaking.



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