A customer of Noreast Whips, one who’s the fencing instructor at a US university, spoke to me of an interesting concept some time ago. It’s called whip-fencing. Ok, I’m not talking about the "sport" that you may have seen some videos online about, the one called whip-boxing. For those of you who’ve not heard of whip-boxing, you can see a sample demonstration of it at Gail Nemeth’s website, http://www.aussiewhipmaker.com/WhipBoxingMovie.htm.

What do you think? Did you check it out? Pretty crude, huh? I apologize if I offend anyone by saying that I feel it’s just a bunch of flailing & hacking away by two opponents at each other with a whip. I don’t believe it’s a real sport. It shows no technique or purpose in either attack or defense. If you enjoy it that’s great! To me, it just appears very crude & pretty comical.

So, how is whip-fencing different from whip-boxing? Good question. If you’ve ever witnessed a fencing match, you realize there’s much strategy & technique involved in the sport. It’s an art of finesse & well-placed strikes. Balance, speed, reflexes, foresight & counter-attack are all part of this complicated sport. Now, take the sword out of the fencer’s hand & replace it with a short snakewhip or bullwhip. Use similar techniques & methods of scoring, now you have the new sport of whip-fencing. I think it sounds pretty cool. I do have some pics of students whip-fencing, but at the moment, can’t seem to find them. When I do, they’ll be posted here.

Unfortunately, the aforementioned instructor & his students have recently ceased from practicing the new concept of whip-fencing. I thought I’d do a post on this as I felt others around the country & the world may find it as interesting as I do. Perhaps someone in another location can build upon the beginning foundation of whip-fencing as a possible future sport. Do I think this is kind of a stretch? No, not really. After all, we have "sports" such as curling & badminton in the Olympics. I love badminton, but I don’t think it’s a sport. As far as curling goes, well…I do think fencing is a sport & that a variation of it, whip-fencing, could become something that many people enjoy. 

~Till next time,


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One Response to Whip-Fencing

  1. Blessed says:

    I agree with your thoughts on "whip-boxing". Some of the strikes I saw weren\’t even meant to be proper cracks at all; just a swing and a thrash. My first thought was "Those poor whips…".It actually felt kind of insulting. Like somebody used a Ferrari in demolition derby, or something along those lines.

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