Whips At Camp Augusta

Two things in life I really enjoy, whips & camping! Some weeks ago, Lucy Haynes from Camp Augusta in Nevada City, CA contacted Noreast Whips about purchasing some whips to help teach some teens the fun activity of whipcracking. We were glad that they contacted us, ordering 7 whips in all. The whips were 6 foot, 12 plait models in black & various highlight colors. Lucy was kind enough to send me some pics of the event, showcasing some photos of the teens & whips in action. Thank you Lucy for the pics & for giving us the opportunity to send you some whips.

 Camp Augusta is a small, personable, non-profit summer camp based in Nevada City, California which has been in existence since 1931. Here’s a brief synopsis of the camp from Lucy Haynes:

We run all kinds of fun and skill-based activities, from high ropes to archery, whip to aerial silks, crazy canoeing to ninja training! Our campers are aged between 8 and 16 – many of whom return summer after summer, and our counselors hail from all over the world….England, Australia, Kenya, Germany, New Zealand, Holland and South Africa to name but a few.


For some reason, the photo above appears twice. If you click on the left photo, a separate photo will load. Something in the writer program I use to upload blog posts got tangled.

The mission of Camp Augusta:

"To reclaim and foster the beauty, wonder, awe, potential, and innocence of childhood."


That philosophy becomes more important to me the older I get. Thank you to Lucy Haynes & Camp Augusta for the pics, and also for supporting Noreast Whips.

For more information regarding Camp Augusta, go to www.campaugusta.org.

~Thanks For Reading,



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