How Many Think Moving Is Fun?

Over the last few weeks, little by little, I’ve been moving my things to a new place of residence. Working all day building whips, then taking another few hours each day to pack up some stuff & move it to the new place is pretty tiring. Today was the last day of moving. Several people in the old neighborhood would come up to me & say something like, "Just to let you know, moving is no fun." Another common statement, "Are you having any fun yet?" Well, I’ll just say, the word fun isn’t one I’ve used much over the past few weeks.

Today (Tuesday) I didn’t do any whip work, only answered some emails & dropped a package at the post office for Express Mail. A customer was looking to buy a Baby Bull and, fortunately, I had one in stock to send him. If you’re reading this & you sent me an email on Tuesday but I haven’t answered yet, my apologies. I’m at the new house now, but the cable isn’t being turned on until Wednesday. So, I’m unable to go online at the moment. Hopefully I’ll be able to get online & answer emails & do some business on Wednesday. If the cable isn’t turned on here yet, then I’ll get online somewhere, somehow.

My work space isn’t really set up right now for whipmaking. Early tomorrow morning will find me setting up the bench & organizing the area. Then I’ll finish up the second whip of a matching pair of martial arts  bullwhips. They’re 4′ 6", shot-loaded with 7 inch handles. The first whip is complete & cracks very well. That’s the whip to the right. I hope the customer is pleased with the pair & that they perform well for his applications. Either way, I’m eager to hear his feedback on the whips. It’s been a desire of mine for some time to develop a working model of a martial arts whip; one that I could promote for that purpose alone. Possibly with the help of this customer, as well as other martial artists, Noreast Whips will develop a consistent model that’ll be used & enjoyed by many in that field.

Just a quick thank you to all who’ve given to the Noreast Whips 2009 Hike For Cancer. The kindness of many who’ve given has been an encouragement. Thank you for all your generosity & warm words.


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