Connected Again

Well, the cable is all hooked up in the new place, finally. The last couple of days I’ve been scraping an internet connection anywhere I could find one. My apologies to all who didn’t receive a prompt response to an email. If any are interested, I joined Facebook last night & sent invites out to friends, family members & of course, my dedicated customers . Thanks to all who added me on as friends or invited me to join.

Today I’m finishing up a 7 foot black Standard Bullwhip with black & blue knots. This is one of my favorite color combos, I think. The last whip finished was a Catalyst Bullwhip. When I first decided to build a whip like the Catalyst, I honestly wasn’t sure how it would turn out. It seems to be a pretty good whip, definitely one that anyone can learn the basic cracks with & put together some multiple cracking routines. It’s not quite as quick or responsive as a 12 plaiter in the same size, or in the same league as a Standard Bullwhip, but I feel it’s a much better alternative to some of the cheap whips you’ll find on Ebay. Not that all whips on Ebay are cheap quality, of course; I sell my whips there some times, too . I’m referring to most of the whips that come from Mexico or just north of its border. There are good whipmakers in that area, mind you, but most people reading this know what I’m getting at.

The pic above shows the latest Catalyst Bullwhip, on its way to the devilish state of New Jersey. It’s chocolate brown with imperial red highlights. If you’re in the market for a whip, want to save some money but get something that’s still a quality product, try out a Catalyst. For $75 + shipping, it’s a good buy. Ok, sorry if I sound a bit too much like a salesman there, but I do need to eat, and selling whips is how I buy food right now .


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