The Gift Of Giving

Anyone who works with their hands can understand what I mean when I say that there’s an innate sense of accomplishment & pride in building something from scratch. To have the ability to work with my hands & build whips for people around the world is a privilege & blessing to me. To be in a position where others want to give me money to make something for them that I enjoy making is a pretty cool position to have. It’s also a nice feeling knowing that I’ve helped provide someone with something that they’ve wanted & searched for & ultimately, decided to come to me to get that something. I’m thankful that I have the ability to work with my hands & be creative.

It’s nice to be able to work at home & at my own pace. I can have my area as neat as I want it, or let it be a mess. In fact, it’s a little of both at times . I take pride in doing what I do! As a boy I learned that anything worth doing is worth doing right. There have been times when I’d be in the middle of plaiting the overlay on a whip, then decide it’s not good enough & throw it out. Or, in the least, I’d rip it completely apart & start from scratch. I feel that if I wouldn’t be happy using that particular whip, then I won’t give it to someone else.

Not only is it nice to receive money for selling something you build yourself, but it’s just as nice sometimes when I can give a whip to someone at no cost. My girlfriend’s daughter is 9 years old, & she’s recently become enamored with cracking whips, lol. In just a few short days of whip cracking, amounting to about 3 hours total, she’s learned 4 basic cracks & 2 combinations. She can do the forward crack, the sidearm, underhand & overhead cracks. Her favorite is the overhead. She’ll go from a sidearm to an overhead, an underhand to a forward crack, all with better coordination than some adult friends of mine. Once she’s gotten a couple more cracks down & can put them all in a nice little routine, I’ll take a video & put it up on Youtube.

The whip is 6 ft 12 plait model; 10 inch solid steel handle, bb-loaded core with 1 plaited belly. She wanted neon pink & black for the colors, and I threw in a little ring work on the handle to commemorate her first whip. The whip she was learning on was a Catalyst prototype I’d built several weeks ago. The 12 plait models I build are a step up from the Catalyst bullwhip.

She loves the whip & I was happy to be able to make it for her. I feel that some people overlook what’s behind a gift that you’ve crafted on your own, rather than simply buying something to give away. Only those who enjoy making things can truly appreciate what’s behind it. A gift you’ve fashioned yourself is more than an object you purchase. It represents your time, your care & attention and, in essence, your life. It’s a good feeling when something you’ve made gives a little enjoyment to someone else. That’s the gift one receives from giving to another.


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