Whip Donation

Rhett Kelley has made a generous donation for this year’s Hike For Cancer on the AT. Last week I received the 6 ft cowwhip he made. It features an exotic wood handle & a black & olive drab tiger-striped pattern on the thong. The whip will be part of the drawing that’s done at the end of this year’s hike. This is a nice whip and, like Rhett said, the handle is a nice smelling wood . Anyone looking to get one of Rhett’s whips can have the opportunity to win one in this year’s drawing.

Up until now, I wasn’t sure if I’d include the cowwhip in with the drawing, do a separate drawing or sell it on Ebay & give all proceeds to the AMS. I’ve decided that there will be three prizes in the drawing. The first place winner will have the choice of a 6 ft Standard X Bullwhip or Rhett’s cowwhip. The second place winner will receive the other whip, and the third place, well…I haven’t decided yet on what it will be, but it’ll be good!

Thanks again Rhett for the whip donation, and to all who’ve been generous in helping this year’s cause. If you haven’t given, but are planning to, donations will be accepted up to the end of September, when I finally do the drawing.



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