Back To The Grind

Many of you know already that I returned home from my trip a few weeks ago. Thank you to all who gave to the Hike For Cancer, helping to support the worthy cause of colorectal cancer awareness. With your help, we helped to raise several hundred dollars for this. The whip drawing will be held in a couple days, and the winners will be announced shortly after. The person’s name who is drawn first will have their choice of the 6 ft cowwhip made by Rhett Kelley, or a 6 ft Noreast Whips Standard X Bullwhip. The second person’s name that’s drawn will win the other whip.

Many have asked about how to tie the fall hitch on the end of a nylon whip, as well as how to make a nylon fall. Tying the hitch is basically the same method as used on a leather whip. I’ve put together a 2 part video tutorial on this. The first video shows how to make a simple nylon fall, and is the method used by many whipmakers. Some whipmakers have a slightly different method, but this one will work well. Tying the fall hitch is demonstrated afterward, and is carried over into the second video. If your whip’s fall hitch is still intact, and not damaged at all, you won’t need to untie it & retie the hitch. There’s another method that should be used. I’ll make another video soon to show that in more detail. Below is the first video of the make a fall/tie fall hitch tutorial. You can go to my Youtube account at to view the second video, as well as some others.



Hope you enjoy the videos, and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thank you.


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