Busy With Whips

Hey everyone, hope you’re all doing well & enjoying this time of year! For myself, living in New England, my favorite time of year is the fall. Cool & crisp weather is good for getting out, doing yard work, hiking, tossin’ the football, stuff like that. Hope that all of you non-Yankees fans have recovered, or are still recovering, from the World Series results . I’m a Red Sox fan, though I must admit, I had a strong feeling the Yanks would make the Series this year, and possibly win. Don’t hate me too much, but with the players they had, I felt they were due for another title.

Lots of people have contacted me about ordering whips, many have followed through, and the waiting list is quickly growing. If you’re looking to order for Christmas, you still have time. Many whipmakers are booked beyond Christmas, and I’m glad to say that I’m not yet. I’ve included a few pics of a couple whips that were shipped out yesterday. Thank you to everyone for your orders & interest in Noreast Whips!.

As a reminder, please understand that all orders aren’t placed in my book until some form of payment  has been received. If you contact me about ordering a whip, but still have questions & need time to decide, or come up with the money, that’s not a problem at all. Just know that your order isn’t actually "placed" until either full or partial payment has been received. I feel this is the fair thing to do for all customers. The whips are built in the order in which payment is received. When I first returned from my last hiking trip, there was no waiting list. Yet several people placed orders soon after I returned, each hoping that they’d receive their whip in a week or so. Unfortunately, I can only fill each order one at a time. If the current waiting time is 3-4 weeks, please don’t email me after a week, asking about the status. It won’t make me build your whip any quicker, just take longer to answer my emails . I hope you understand.

My apologies for being slow in getting the results for the whip drawing. It’ll be done this week for sure, with the results posted. Winners will be notified by email. Thanks for your patience!



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2 Responses to Busy With Whips

  1. Mel says:

    Good to read your already starting to get busy now you\’ve returned……I\’ll look forward to the results of the draw, someone is going to get lucky….Tony

  2. Unknown says:

    Nice whips. As a customer and somebody who likes your work so far, I really like seeing photos. Keep posting photos of your work! It really helps you in the end as well as the customer. Can\’t wait for the whip I ordered!

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