Noreast Whips New Year’s Sale

Hey everyone, hope you all had a great Christmas & a Happy, but Safe, New Year’s. A couple days ago I sent out an email newsletter to all customers on my email list. Some of you were kind enough to notify me of the problems with the email. Well, after 3 times, I think it was finally composed correctly . Sorry for any aggravation I may have caused.

One of the purposes for last month’s newsletter was to let everyone know about the New Year’s Sale that Noreast Whips is having through the month of January, 2010. If you weren’t on my email list & didn’t have the chance to read the newsletter, then here are the details for the sale below:


>FREE SHIPPING (USA Only) on orders up to $100 (Includes Gift Sets)

>10 % off orders from $100-150

>10 % off orders from $151-200 + Choice of Whipmaking E-book on CD or Keep It Crackin’ Kit

>10 % off orders over $200 + Whipmaking E-book on CD AND Complete Keep It Crackin’ Kit

>FREE Baby Bull or Baby Snake on orders over $300

>ADD $5 To Your Order & Enter To Win A Baby Bull or Baby Snake @ End of January ’10


One of the things I failed to mention in the email newsletter was that the sale doesn’t apply to any Off The Shelf  items. Any whips that are listed in the Off The Shelf section are being sold at their normal respective price.

Also, if anyone who uses one of the "Buy Now" buttons on the website, the button price won’t reflect the sale price, meaning, you’ll pay the full price when taken through the checkout process. However, I’ll gladly refund you the difference in the sale price through the Paypal transaction. If you’d like, and I always recommend this, ask me to email you an invoice for any particular items. The invoice will show the discounted price(s) for the items you’ve ordered.

Thanks again to all of you who purchased from Noreast Whips in 2009. I wish everyone a full & joyous year in 2010! And I hope to hear back from you, hopefully, to build you another whip . Take care!


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