Customer-Built Whips

From time to time, customers send me pics of whips they’ve built on their own, asking for my opinion & criticism. It means a lot to me that people ask for my advice, and I’m always honored. I enjoy looking at whips, whether in pictures or videos, it’s fun for me. What’s even more enjoyable is to look at pics of whips that people have built from following the instructions in the Noreast Whips Nylon Whipmaking Kit. Here are some pictures of whips recently made by a customer who purchased the whipmaking kit. The whips this particular customer has built thus far, I have to say, look better to me than some that are being sold by others online. They’ve done a fantastic job!



The instructions detail the construction of a 3 foot bullwhip & snakewhip, but can be modified to build longer whips. The whip in the above right pic is a 6 ft/12 plait black bull, built by simply adjusting the length of the core, as well as the lengths of the strands for the belly & overlay. The photo below is an 8 ft/12 plait bullwhip.

Whipmaking is something that requires a little dexterity, attention to detail & patience. The Noreast Whips Whipmaking Instructions don’t teach you how to plait/braid, but do cover the basics on simple plaiting/braiding techniques. The world of plaiting/braiding & knot tying is extensive, and something which those who practice such are always learning & improving. As with most things in life, the more you practice it, the better & more refined you’ll become at it.

My thanks to Camilo for allowing me to post pictures of the whips he’s made. The plaiting looks straight & tight, and the taper of the whips is very good. Even the knots, which sometimes give many new whipmakers problems, look very neat & tight. Excellent work Camilo!


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2 Responses to Customer-Built Whips

  1. Mel says:

    Those look a lot better than some of the s**t being sold over on the bay and at least equal to a few who are selling whips commercially the e-book must be good Steve…..and to Carmilo…good job M8Tony~your fellow plaiter froim across the pond…..

  2. Mel says:

    Ooops sorry folks I was in the wife\’s accountony :o)

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