Expired Downloads

It seems that I’ve made yet another mistake . That’s ok, as this one hasn’t hurt anyone else, & it can be corrected. When I sent out the last email newsletter, my intention was to send it to all who’ve purchased the Make A Real Nylon Whip instructions to date. The email contained a link for downloading version 2 of the instructions. Inadvertently, I sent the newsletter out to everyone on my email list, not just those who are eligible for the download. No doubt, some have been able to download the instructions at no cost to themselves. Well, count that a freebie, it’s my own fault!

Because of this, the number of available downloads has reached its limit. What this means is that if you have already purchased the instructions in the past year, you are still eligible for a FREE download of version 2. If you try to download the instructions, but receive a message stating that the link has expired & you need to request additional download links, then email me at builder@neawhips.com. If your name is on my list, then I’ll send you another link, no problem. I’ve received a few messages from the Payloadz.com website, informing me that a customer has requested further download links, but there’s no message or email address from the person making that request. Therefore, because I don’t know who’s requesting that information, the email is ignored. There’s a master list of all customers who’ve purchased the instructions, and if your name isn’t on it, you won’t receive the link. After all, it’s a FREE UPDATE, not a free product.

My apologies for any aggravation this has caused anyone. It’s been frustrating for me, due to my own oversight. Well, like they say, you live & learn. Hope all of you who’ve downloaded version 2 of the instructions are enjoying them. If you have any questions, send an email to builder@neawhips.com.


Noreast Whips


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