Young Indy Bullwhip Construction

Here’s one of the latest whips shipped out this week to a customer in California. It’s a 6 ft nylon version of the Young Indy Bullwhip. If you’re an Indy fan, then you know the scene in the film, Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade, where the young Indy grabs a whip from off the wall inside the lion car aboard a train. From time to time, I take pics of whips under construction, send them off to the customer to give them a feel for the whole process. These pics weren’t in fact sent to the customer, but I thought I’d share them on the blog for all to see.

The entire construction of the whip isn’t shown here, just a glimpse of the start of the overlay, as seen in the first photo. The Young Indy Bullwhip requires the entire overlay be plaited first in black, then a portion of the handle plaiting is cut away. The handle is then replaited in red paracord. It’s a bit more work, requiring added time & materials to complete it. But in the end, it’s a pretty cool looking whip.



A number of customers over the past year or so have ordered whips with contrasting thong/handle colors. Many times, people are unaware that more work is required for a whip like this, so at first don’t understand the added cost. This whip model can be built in either 12 or 16 plait.



But, when it’s all said & done, what you have is a very unique-looking whip. Several whipmakers today are offering versions of the Young Indy Bullwhip, in both nylon & leather. The construction method shown here isn’t what all whipmakers use in building this particular model, but it’s one that several whipmakers whom I know personally use. I honestly don’t know who the first one was to copy the on-screen whip, but if I were to ask around, I’m sure I’d get a few different answers. Either way, it’s provided many whipmakers with yet another movie whip to replicate. Below are a couple more photos of a pair of whips that were built last month, also constructed with the same methods used in the Young Indy Bullwhips.


Hope you enjoy the photos & thanks for reading!


Noreast Whips

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4 Responses to Young Indy Bullwhip Construction

  1. Mel says:

    Thats the same way I do them in both nylon and roo hide……I did hear tell someone did a roo hide one in natural tan then dyed the handle red and the thong black, I pretty much dismissed that idea before ever giving it a try…\’s always good as a whipmaker to see other whipmakers work and know that your own methods can\’t be madness if other quality makers are doing it the same wayTony

  2. Mel says:

    I really must try to remember to sign out of the wife\’s account and into my own dohhhhhhh!!!Tony :o)

  3. Unknown says:

    I just got my matching pair of bullwhips from Steve today and They are absolutely amazing!!! This guy knows what he is doing and I am very happy with them!!!! They are built tough and the craftsmanship is beautiful. I will be ordering more in the future for sure. Thanks again Steve and keep p the incredible work!!! -Hans

  4. Unknown says:

    I\’ve got a green handled whip coming up soon. Now I know what it will look like! LOL

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