Standard X Bullwhip

Here’s the latest Standard X Bullwhip recently finished for a customer in Sweden, a 7 ft black & midnight blue. The Standard X Bull contains two plaited bellies over a shot-loaded core, finished in a 6 point hitch & leather fall. The SXBs are modified from the Standard Bulls, with the weight adjusted throughout the length of the whip to better balance out the heavier point of the whip. Because leather is heavier & more dense than nylon, the core in the SXBs, as well as both bellies, is carried a bit further out into the thong.

The picture to the left is a 6 ft SXB in black with charcoal grey highlights. This whip was awarded to one of the people whose names were drawn in the last Noreast Whips Raffle. There’s a 15% off sale right now for the Standard X Bullwhip, which will last until the end of February. If you’re interested, please drop me an email at and let me know what you’d like. One or two colored whips are the same price. For three or more colors, there’s an additional $20 charge for each color.



Noreast Whips

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2 Responses to Standard X Bullwhip

  1. fredrik says:

    I can describe the whip in one´s outstanding!!Thank you Steve for that amazing whip.Freddy/Sweden..

  2. Noreast Whips says:

    Hey Freddy, you\’re very welcome! I hope it serves you well. ~Steve.

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