Noreast Whips Fanpage

Took some time today to create a Facebook Fanpage for Noreast Whips. Thanks to those of you who’ve already become fans, I really appreciate it! From there, I’ll list news of specials, whip pics, videos, anything whip related for all who are interested. From time to time, I’ll start a topic on the discussion boards, so feel free to post your comments & opinions.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be designing a nylon stockwhip which will become part of the Noreast Whips product line, as well as another "performance-style" whip. You’ll have to stay tuned for that, as they’re both works in progress. I’m also working on a couple new whipmaking-related tutorials. One will be on how to build an 8 ft nylon Indiana Jones style bullwhip, which I’m sure a lot of people will enjoy. Over the past year I’ve received numerous emails for instructions on building longer whips. The current Make A Real Nylon Whip instructional has been pretty well received, and I’m grateful for all the good feedback & nice emails that many of you have sent in. This newer instructional will primarily be for building an Indiana Jones style bullwhip, but can also be used for building a non-Indy style bull.

Here’s a couple pics of a big heavy bullwhip I recently finished. It’s a Noreast Beast Limited Edition Bullwhip. I don’t build too many of these, as they do require a lot more work than a Standard Bullwhip of the same length. The Noreast Beast LE Bull is 10 ft long from butt to fall hitch, has a 12 inch solid steel handle, 3 plaited bellies over a shot-loaded core, and finished in a 20 plait overlay. The thickest portion of the thong is over an inch in diameter. They can be made in 8, 9 or 10 ft lengths. Price may be a bit steep for some, and I’ve always tried to keep my prices competitive & practical. An 8 ftr is $280, 9 ft $325 & a 10 ftr is $375. They’re much heavier than my Standard Bulls, and may wear you out pretty quickly. Hope you enjoy the pics & thanks for reading!



Noreast Whips

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2 Responses to Noreast Whips Fanpage

  1. Mel says:

    I joined up, it looks good over there….I have tried to do this about 4 times now with the end result being I have 4 essentiawhips fan pages unpublished, grrrrrrrr the joys of being a technophobe huh Steve….Take careTony

  2. steven says:

    Haha, Tony! You know, I\’m still laughing at how you deleted all your old blog posts a year or ago. Don\’t give up man!

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