Reworked Catalyst

The Catalyst Bullwhip recently underwent some changes. Being an entry level whip, I wanted to keep the price the same, yet implement some improvements. These improvements included adding some stiffness to the transition area, shifting the weight within the whip a bit & improving the taper. I think these were achieved with the changes in the whip’s construction, giving the whip a better overall performance.

The original Catalyst was built on a 10 inch aluminum handle. It had a nylon core, bolstered & layered, 14 strand overlay without a plaited belly. Although it did perform well, cracked easily & was a good whip for someone to learn the basic cracks with, I felt it did lack some density, if you will, for lack of a better description. I felt it could be made better, without getting too crazy with the changes. So, here’s the breakdown on the improved Catalyst Bullwhip features:

  • Steel tube for handle foundation, 10 inches lead-loaded.
  • E-cord core for better support & weight distribution.
  • Half-plaited belly in 8 strands.
  • Bolstered, bound, layered & tapered.
  • Overlay in 14 strands.
  • Faster action.
  • 6 Foot standard length as before.


With these changes, the Catalyst may appear to be a completely different whip, but it’s still only $75. I wanted to keep the price the same, allowing more people the opportunity to get a decent nylon whip with a fairly low price tag. Better quality at the same price. So, if you need a good whip at an even better price, for yourself or as a gift to someone, the Catalyst may be what you need. Hope you check it out!


Noreast Whips.

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