Bicycle Bullwhip Target Cutting

Several months ago a customer posted a Youtube video cutting a target while riding a bicycle. He was demonstrating a similar action performed on horseback by Anthony DeLongis. I thought it looked like fun & figured I’d post it here. James is using a 7 ft nylon DeLongis style bullwhip made by Noreast Whips. In the past year, this whip has become very popular among whip enthusiasts. Hope you enjoy the vid!


The nylon DeLongis style bullwhip features a 13.5 inch handle, shot-loaded core, 2 plaited bellies & a 16 plait overlay. It can be finished with either a nylon or leather fall. Although this model whip isn’t listed on the Noreast Whips website, current prices are the same as for the nylon Zorro Bullwhip. If you have any questions about this whip, shoot me an email to Thanks for reading!


Noreast Whips.

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