Noreast Whips Stockwhips

For some time I’ve been wanting to offer a nylon stockwhip for sale. I’m happy to announce that Noreast Whips now has added another quality nylon whip to our permanent line of whips. Several whipmakers are building nylon stockwhips, & it’s only right that Noreast Whips has its own version.

These whips have a weighted core, over which is an 8 plait belly, finished with a 12 plait overlay in one or two colors. The 18 inch fibreglass handle is half-plaited, features a roohide keeper & is available in black or white. Following the lead of friend & fellow whipmaker Tony Layzell of Essentia Whips, the Noreast Whips stockwhip version contains two plaited keepers for the thong of the whip. The belly of the whip contains a plaited keeper, as well as the overlay. This construction method adds both strength & stiffness to the keeper portion. The heel knot features a 7 part 6 bight turk’s head with pineapple interweave, along with a 5/8 nickel-plated concho.

I’ve made up a pair of these whips for myself in practicing two-handed routines. They’re light & fast, & a ton of fun! The prices below are for whips in one or two colors.

  • 4 ft……….$120
  • 5 ft…………135
  • 6 ft…………150


Noreast Whips.

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