Noreast Baby Stockwhip

9 For a number of years now the Noreast Baby Bullwhip & Baby Snakewhip models have sold very well. Paired together in a Gift Set, these whips are by far at the top of the best seller list of the Noreast Whips line. They’ve proved to be useful & functional whips. Now I’m happy to add the next mini whip to the line…the Noreast Whips Baby Stockwhip.

The Baby Stocky is a very quick little whip. It features a 2 1/2 ft 12 plait thong over a lead-weighted core, 8 plait belly & double plaited keepers. The half-plaited fibreglass handle is 14 inches & sports a roohide keeper. Put a couple of these whips together & you can be rattling off a set of volleys & cutbacks in machine gun style. A 3 ft stockwhip is also available, but the Baby Stocky will have a 2 1/2 ft thong. As always, the thong can be constructed with 1 or 2 colors. A 5/8 inch concho is mounted on the base of the handle.

In the coming weeks, as Noreast Whips receives a new makeover, the Baby Stockys will also be available as a pair at a discounted price. Also lookout for some other whip models coming out soon; The Showman, The Straight Pipe, The Dually & The Lumberjack.


Noreast Whips.

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