Introducing ‘The Lumberjack’ Bullwhip

For quite some time, I’ve wanted to build a wood-handled bullwhip. I have a latigo woody bullwhip from Skip SanSoucie of Handmade Whips, which is a great whip. Since acquiring this whip, my desire was further fueled to build a nylon woody bullwhip. Besides, other whipmakers have nylon versions of the popular American wood-handled whips, including Rhett Kelley & Tony Layzell. So, I figured that Noreast Whips should have one available as well. The prototype was finished last week, a double-bellied thong plaited over a bb-loaded core, attached to an 11 inch piece of turned cherry, of which 8 1/4 inches are exposed. I’m happy with how this whip came out; it throws straight & cracks with ease. The weight is similar to that of the Standard Bullwhips, & is available in one or two colors as most of the whips I build. 

‘The Lumberjack’ will be up on the website shortly, along with the current prices. Most likely, I’ll be keeping the prototype of this whip, as the handle has a slight gouge in it. The handles are turned by the aforementioned Skip SanSoucie of Handmade Whips. Skip has a talent for woodturning, one that I don’t possess. At this time, it’s more practical for me to have someone who’s skilled in this area to produce the turned handles. The handles for The Lumberjack will be available in cherry, walnut & purpleheart, with cherry being the darkest of the colors.


Noreast Whips

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