The Nursery Is Growing…

Well, not in human population, but in whip births. In addition to the Baby Stockwhip & The Lumberjack, another whip model has been born into the Noreast Whips family. This whip is called The Showman. Recently, several whipmakers have released versions of a ‘pipe whip’, a nylon thong attached to a pvc handle. This whip is basically a modified cowwhip. Traditional cowwhips have wooden handles, making them heavier than one with pvc material. The pipe whips have become very popular among renaissance faire performers around the globe, in that they’re lightweight, making them fast & furious in two-handed routines. The pipe whip is said to have come about by one named Chris Hall who, I believe, is no longer making whips. Since his retirement, several other whipmakers, & now myself, have unveiled copycat versions of the pipe whip.

To be honest, when I first saw this type of whip in action, I thought it performed well, yet I also thought it to be rather ugly. Because of its design, I believed that there didn’t need to be another version exactly the same. I decided not to make one unless I could improve on the design. Up till now, the pipe whip designs have been built with two pieces of pvc material:  a coupling attached to the end of a section of pipe. A hole is drilled at the point where the pipe & coupling meet, allowing a length of cord extending from the thong that’s inserted into the coupling to come out & wrap around the pipe. This is much the same way as a cowwhip, with the difference being, other than handle material, that a wooden handle is one piece & the pipe whip handle is two pieces. The Noreast Whips pipe whip version has a one piece pvc handle. The end which accepts the plaited thong, called by many as the cup, has been flared out to a larger diameter than the remainder of the pipe. A hole is drilled about two inches from the end of the pipe to attach the thong to the handle. This one piece design eliminates the need for a coupling & gluing the two pieces together. It also allows the handle to be a little lighter in weight.

Performance-wise, The Showman handles very well, & I’m happy with this whip model. It’s light & fast; paired together with another, makes for a great pair in two-handed whip performances. The butt of the handle is weighted with the insertion of a wooden dowel. The handle itself is painted with glossy black then half-plaited in 16 strands of paracord, & features two turk’s head knots:  the heel knot & one on the flared portion, which I’m calling the ‘cup knot’. The Showman, like most Noreast Whips models, is available in one or two colors. Thong lengths available are 4, 5 & 6 feet. Please note that the thong lengths are measured only. The handle is available in 12-14 inch lengths. A 6 ft whip with a 14 inch handle would measure roughly 9 1/2 feet. The point of the whip is finished with a traditional fall hitch. A ‘Straight-Pipe’ version is also available, where the pipe is not half-plaited in paracord, but simply painted all black. The Straight-Pipe is available in two different diameters, .675 & .850 of an inch. You can send an email to for more info on the Straight-Pipe.


Noreast Whips.

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