Martial Arts Whips


Noreast MA Bulls Here’s a pic of some whips recently built & sent to a Noreast customer who will be performing at the Sports Karate World Games. He’s a martial artist that will be performing at the event in a solo performance with a whip. One whip is white, one black & the other is silver grey. These whips were modified from the normal MA model bullwhip that was designed this past year. For more info on that whip, you can read about it in this post here.

Due to the confined area of the arena in which this person will be performing, a decision was made to shorten the whip. The thong is 50 inches, measuring from the butt of the handle to the fall hitch. The fall & cracker make the overall length 70 inches. The core is bb-loaded, over which is plaited 2 bellies, then a final overlay in 16 strands. The whips were made a bit lighter in weight, allowing them to be a bit quicker. I’m anxious to hear how these whips perform for this martial artist, & hope they serve him well. Would love to see some video footage of his performance if possible.


Noreast Whips

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