Leather & Lumber

Lumberjack in purple & brown v-pattern The Lumberjack has been getting some notice of late. I’ve received several emails from whipcrackers around the world inquiring about it. Recently, I added a leather fall on the end of a customer’s LJ, took it outside (one of the bennies of whipmaking) &, as Tony Layzell would say, chucked it about for a spell. There’s a noticeable difference to a nylon whip that has a leather fall over one with a nylon fall. Leather is more dense & heavier than nylon, so it makes sense that it would make a difference in a whip’s handling. 

When attaching a leather fall to a nylon whip, I take a different approach than some other nylon whipmakers. Some simply construct the whip in their normal construction method, then tie on the leather fall. Because the leather falls I use are much heavier than a strand of paracord of the same length, I adjust the weight & length of the plaited bellies within the whip, to better match the weight of the leather fall. The latigo falls I use are hand cut by myself, measuring 32-36 inches. By adjusting the weight within the whip, I feel that it allows for the energy that’s generated within the whip to flow smoothly & evenly throughout the length of the whip. I’ve cracked whips that had falls which were either too heavy or too light for the nylon thong. This isn’t something I wanted in the nylon whips I build, so with a little experimentation, I’ve developed a solid & consistent method.

One major benefit of having a leather fall on the end of a nylon whip is durability. Latigo falls are more durable than nylon falls, therefore, last longer. Nylon falls simply get chewed up much quicker, especially if the fall of a whip is coming into contact with the ground often. If you’re thinking of ordering from Noreast Whips & would like a leather fall tied onto your whip, it’s an additional $20, but may be worth it for you in the long run. If you’re a nylon whipmaker & thinking of using leather for your falls, give it a shot. Let me know how you make out! Thanks for reading.


Noreast Whips 

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