Chokeez™ With A Whip

Chokeez™ Chokeez™ are necklaces braided from the same paracord used to make the fine products at Noreast Whips. They’re a simple accessory to wear while doing any activity or just hanging around. The handful of necklaces pictured are Patriotic Chokeez™. I first started making nylon necklaces & bracelets for hikers & hunters, selling them through my hiking blog, Crude Analysiz, but never had a name for them really. So, I recently decided to call them Chokeez™. Because they’re nylon, they can get wet, even fully submerged, without being damaged or falling apart. Because they’re an all nylon construction, they won’t mold or rot, nor do they have any plastic or metal parts, so it’s safe to throw them in a washer machine. It’s best to let them air dry, yet they’ll be fine in a dryer on low heat.  Ten minutes in a dryer is enough time.

Chokeez™ can be braided in one or two colors from any of the colors listed on this page of Noreast Whips, & can be made to match a whip you’ve ordered. They’re available for men, women & children. Sizes range from 16-24 inches, but they can be shortened or lengthened, depending on the individual. For children, the size is generally 16 inches, for women 18 & men 20-24. The price for a Chokeez™ necklace is $18 sold separately, or $15 when purchased with a whip. Get your Chokeez™ now!


Noreast Whips.

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