Keychain Kubotan

Noreast Kubaton From time to time, I’ll add some things to the Accessories page of Noreast Whips.  This item is called the Keychain Kubotan. The pic displays one at 4 inches, the other at 6 inches. Things like these have been produced for a while now by companies which manufacture & market martial arts & self defense tools. You can read about the history of it here. I had the idea to make one of these that featured a braided paracord overlay. There’s a cabinet drawer in my shop full of steel rod ends, left over from the steel used for bullwhip handles. I just figured that someday there would be a use for them. A 1.250 inch key ring is attached to one end, while the handle is overlaid in 12 strands of paracord. The pictured items are overlaid in black & olive drab, featuring two turk’s head knots. These can be made in any color that’s listed on the chart, even to match your whip if you’d like. Price is $22 purchased by itself, or $20 with a whip. Carry one for your own personal defense or just as an outward accessory. I’m sure it’ll get noticed by some, & make a great conversation starter.


Noreast Whips.

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