DeLongis Style Bullwhip

DeLongis Style Bullwhip Close to a year and a half ago, a customer asked me to build a nylon bullwhip with a DeLongis style handle. This meant a bullwhip with a 13.5 inch long handle, similar to the model whip which Terry Jacka makes for actor/stuntman Anthony DeLongis. Mr. DeLongis is well known for his rolling style of whiphandling, in which he produces whip reaction going against a whip’s natural curve. The longer handle allows for better control & a smoother arcing motion. In building a nylon whip with a handle this long, I also added a 3 ft leather fall to the whip. The end result was a smooth handling, easy cracking whip. All bullwhips I build in the DeLongis style from now on feature 3 ft black latigo falls.

Since that whip was built, word got around & more requests to build this style of whip reached my inbox. Over the past year, it has become a popular request by customers of Noreast Whips. Up until this time, there has been no mention of a DeLongis style bullwhip on the website. I’ve gone back & forth in my mind on whether or not I should make this a permanent addition to the site. So, I finally decided, after this last order for a DeLongis style bullwhip, to add it to the Noreast Whips lineup. It will soon be up on the site. It essentially is a Standard X Bullwhip with a longer handle. Check out this video by James Maxwell, in which he discusses his Noreast Whips nylon DeLongis style bullwhip. If you have any questions on this model bullwhip, shoot an email to


Noreast Whips.

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