Christmas Orders/Gift Certificates/Free Gift

As Christmas draws closer, the opportunity to order a whip grows smaller. I’m still accepting Christmas orders at this time, though I may close the books at any moment. If you have the slightest inclination to order a whip for a Christmas present, now’s the time to do it. At this point last year, I was just about pulling my hair out, working long hours 6 & 7 days a week, battling the onslaught of Christmas orders. Strangely enough, this November wasn’t quite as crazy. I am trying to have a number of whips in stock & ready to go, just for those last minute shoppers. There are currently a few whips up on the Off The Shelf page.

A Gift Certificate button was recently added to the Noreast Whips site. If you’re not sure what type of whip to order for that whip enthusiast you love, or per chance don’t get your order in before the window shuts, then you can still grab a Gift Certificate to be used at a later date. There’s no expiration date on the Gift Certificates. In addition, for all who purchase a Noreast Whips Gift Certificate of $100 or more, from now until Christmas Eve, you’ll receive a free gift. You’ll have your choice of a free Chokeez™ Necklace, or the Noreast Keychain Kubotan, in the colors of your choice. Keep in mind, if your purchase is made within 7 days of Christmas, it’s possible that you won’t receive your free gift before Christmas Day. Unfortunately, I don’t have any influence on the postal system.


Noreast Whips.

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