Handmadewhips.com Roohide Snakewhip

SanSoucie 3 ft Snake In mid-Nov, I received the latest of my own personal whip purchases. It was a 3 ft 12 plait roohide snakewhip made by Skip SanSoucie of Handmadewhips.com. This is the 3rd whip of Skip’s that I’ve owned, & the 1st since he began building whips in kangaroo hide. Just as the other two whips, this whip exudes the skill & attention of a fine craftsman. Skip does excellent work!

The snake contains a shot-bag, bolster, plaited belly with a 12 plait overlay in saddletan roo. It’s a dense feeling whip. The plaited belly definitely gives the short whip some substance. Many whipmakers, on short whips as this, will simply put a bolster over the shot-bag, then the overlay. With this method, the whip will break in much quicker than one which contains a plaited belly, but I believe that the plaited belly produces a much more solid whip, & will in fact prolong the life of the whip. Right now, this whip is still a bit stiff, though I’ve taken it out & rattled off repeated cracks every chance I get. I can even do volleys with it right now. It’s a fun little whip, & will be good to carry when I’m in the deep woods with my buddy Skippy Bones. With the number of coyotes & fox in the local woods, it doesn’t hurt to have something that’ll scare them away. If you have a chance, take a look at Skip’s work over at Handmadewhips.com. He’s a great guy, excellent whipmaker & usually has something in stock.


Noreast Whips. 

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