Noreast Whips At 2010 Sports Karate World Games

This post is coming much later than I’d intended, but wanted to congratulate a talented customer of mine. Technically, Noreast Whips (me) didn’t attend the event, but one of the whips I built for this customer was used in a performance-winning event, seen in the video below. Anthony Magallanes of CA took home 4 World Titles for his performances at the Sports Karate World Games held in Sacramento, CA in December 2010. The divisions Anthony won included: with hands “Soft Open” (termed soft by Sports Karate), Creative Weapons (using a Noreast Whips custom MA bullwhip), 17 years old and under fight set, and being part of a team with his sister in an 18 years and older fight set. I’m happy for him & his siblings; altogether they took home 8 World Titles. 

2010 was a good year for the Magallanes family. In addition to the World Titles, Anthony & his two sisters were also winners in the Sony Karate Kid Challenge, being invited to Hollywood to walk the Red Carpet with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. On top of that, they were picked by the Lionman Foundation as national examples of children excelling in school and the Martial Arts. This has opened up many doors for the Magallanes martial artists. Visit their site,

Read this post for details on the whip that Anthony used.


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2 Responses to Noreast Whips At 2010 Sports Karate World Games

  1. Congratulations on your winning whip. That surely looked amazing.

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