Polyester For Sale

At this time, I’m taking pre-orders for polyester cord, for those of you who are making whips. The poly cord, known to some as Dacron, was recently added to the Noreast Whips line of nylon whips. The poly cord is narrower than the nylon I use, requiring more strands in the overlay. It has better abrasion & moisture resistant characteristics than nylon does, as well as less stretch.

The higher number of strands in the overlay allows for a smoother & more fluid movement throughout the whip. All specs are the same on poly whips as on nylon whips. At this time, there are 15 colors to choose from:  black, white, royal blue, dark green, yellow, navy, dark brown, tan, pink, grey, burgundy, purple, neon yellow, neon orange, neon green.

Because I order the poly direct from the manufacturer, it takes a bit longer for it to arrive. I’ll be accepting orders in lengths of 500 & 1000 ft. The prices:  $30…..500 ft; $60….1000 ft.

Please contact me at builder@neawhips.com to place an order or for more info on the poly cord.


Noreast Whips.

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2 Responses to Polyester For Sale

  1. Can you post some pics of poly whips when you build some (if you don’t have some already)?

  2. Hi Pablo, I’ve uploaded one into the post. There are some others on the Noreast Whips Facebook page.

    Noreast Whips.

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