Upgraded Standard X Bullwhip

Noreast Whips Standard X Bull With the recent implementation of using narrower polyester strands (Dacron) in some snakewhips & bullwhips, & seeing good results, I decided it was time to improve the looks & feel of the Standard X Bullwhip. Over the past several months, the poly cord has been used for smaller whips like the Baby Snakes & Baby Bulls for Noreast Whips, as well as single belly whips up to 6 feet. The poly cord has shown good results, allowing a more flowing action to the whips over those built primarily with nylon paracord. Read this blog post for more info on the polyester cord.

The new version of the Noreast Whips Standard X Bullwhip features a 20 plait polyester overlay in place of the former 16 plait nylon overlay. Most of the whip’s construction remains the same:  10 inch solid steel handle, 2 plaited bellies over a bb-loaded core. The bellies are constructed with nylon, an 8 plait & 12 plait. Sinew is used to bind the length of each belly. This helps add some density to the bellies, allowing better energy transfer throughout the whip. The poly overlay produces a more ‘broken in’ feeling from the start. The original SX Bullwhip was finished off with a leather fall & nickel-plated concho on the butt end. The whip pictured here has a 30 inch black latigo fall, but the SX Bull can be finished off with a nylon fall if so preferred by the customer. The 6 bight cover knot & the 8 bight heel knot are tied with black & dark brown polyester cord.

Noreast Whips SXB This whip pictured is now for sale on the Off The Shelf page of Noreast Whips, & will be listed on eBay soon. At this time, I’m still working out the prices for the SXB, so please check the website in the near future for the final pricing. The colors currently available for the SXB are black, red & dark brown. Colors scheduled to arrive soon are royal blue, green & burgundy. If you have any questions on the Standard X Bullwhip, feel free to post a comment here or send an email to builder@neawhips.com.


Noreast Whips.

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