eBay & Wait Times

For the past few weeks I’ve put a few whips on eBay, which is what I’ll continue to do over the next several weeks. After every couple of orders are completed, I build an eBay whip. The wait times which I’ve been telling people reflect this. The current wait time right now is 4 weeks on US orders, 6-7 weeks on International orders. If you see a whip which I’ve listed on eBay within a couple weeks of ordering from me, please don’t email me asking how your order is coming along. If this is something which you feel is unfair, then I’m sorry you feel this way, but it’s something I’ve decided to do.

If I waited until every single order in my book was completed before building a new model whip, updating an older model or simply experimenting with a new construction method, then many of the whips you see on Noreast Whips would not yet be there. That would also make it impossible for me to have any whips in stock. For those of you who are interested in knowing when I list a whip on eBay, my user ID is Jabahutt70. If there’s a particular type of whip you’d like to see listed on eBay, drop me an email & let me know. Thanks for your continued support of Noreast Whips!


Noreast Whips.

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