Survival Necklace

Noreast Whips Survival Necklace Another addition to the Accessories Page on Noreast Whips is the new Survival Necklace. I’d mentioned survival bracelets in the last blog post, in regards to . Up until now, I’ve not seen a survival necklace, so I decided to come up with one. The pic to the left is a rope-style braid in ACU Digital paracord.

The necklace is called the Survival Chokeez™, which follows the same principle as the popular survival bracelets seen all over the place. It’s made with one continuous strand of cored 550 paracord, meaning, the filler strands are intact. It holds from 8-10 feet of cord, depending on the size worn. If an occasion calls for some cordage and nothing else is available, then the paracord on the Survival Chokeez™ can be untied & put to use. The necklace is finished with a low-profile 3/8 inch plastic safety side release buckle.

Wear this in the sun, rain, snow or even the shower. They are completely safe to get wet and fun to wear during any activity:  hiking, hunting, running, swimming, cycling, baseball or any sport of your choice. Two-tone necklaces are also available, of which I’ll post some pics soon on the Noreast Whips Facebook Fan Page. Have one made to match the color of your whip, or in the colors of your favorite sports team. Price is $15 each, or $12 when ordered with a whip.


Noreast Whips.

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