Taking A Break From Longer Whips

Noreast Whips 10 ft Standard Bullwhip In Blue & Grey The pic you see is of the last 10 ft whip I’ll build for some time. From now on, at least until further notice, I’m not taking orders for whips over 8 feet. The main reason is the lack of space in my current work shop. It’s a bit more cramped than I’d like, so I’ve decided to keep the whip lengths at 8 ft & under. My wife & I are currently looking to buy a house, & one of the requirements is an area large enough for my work shop. Until then, I most likely will not be building any whips over 8 ft.

If you’re currently on the waiting list for a whip over 8 ft, don’t be alarmed, as I will honor my promise of building you the whip you want. This is simply for future inquiries on whips. Personally, I don’t care for whips over 8 ft, but I know that many people like long whips. The longer the whip, the slower the action, & I prefer lighter & faster whips. But this is one facet of the world of whips that’s so intriguing:  we all have different preferences, & that’s what makes the whip world turn.


Noreast Whips.

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