Website Problems & New Contact Email

Please send all new emails to

Hi everyone, if you’ve tried to visit or email me through that site in the past several days, then you know the site is currently down. This is due to the disintegration of the hosting platform on which it was originally built, which was Microsoft Office Live Small Business. In an attempt to migrate to Microsoft’s new hair-brained Office 365, several problems arose. If you’ve read anything online about this whole mess that Microsoft has engineered, then you have an idea of the frustration this has caused thousands of customers, including myself & maybe even yourself. The bottom line is that Microsoft has dropped, or rather missed the ball altogether. Think Bill Buckner in the ’86 World Series. No disrespect to Mr. Buckner, we Red Sox fans still love him! However, Microsoft won’t be feeling much love after their ‘migration’ failure.

All site information for Noreast Whips has been saved & the domain name itself is intact. What I’m waiting on now is for the domain registrar to fix some technical issues with my account, so that I can point it to another hosting service. If I’d simply gone this route earlier, this most likely would have been avoided. Roughly two full days of whipmaking have been lost, due to emails, account transfers & site reconstruction. I’m hoping the site will be up & running again within another few days, but it’s not known for sure.

In addition to the site being down, the email for the site isn’t working. From hereon, you can email me at this new address, To all customers who are waiting on whips, be assured that you will receive your whip(s) as soon as possible. I’ll be sending out an email to each one of you that has already paid & is waiting on an order. Thank you for your patience & continued support of Noreast Whips!


Noreast Whips.

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