Two Handed Whip-Cracking With A Pair Of Catalysts

It’s fun for me when people send me links to videos they’ve made using their Noreast Whips whip. The latest video features a customer performing a ‘double-fisted’ routine with a pair of Catalyst Bullwhips. I wanted to post this video as a point of how well the Catalyst performs. Though it is an entry level bullwhip, it is by far a quality bullwhip. You do get a very well performing bullwhip for a low price. If you’re thinking about getting into two handed whip-cracking, but don’t want to dish out a lot of money for a pair of stockwhips or even some of the higher priced Pipe Whips sold by many nylon whipmakers, then grab a couple of Catalyst bullwhips. The cost before shipping is $170. You’d be hard pressed to find a better pair of quality whips built for two handed whip-cracking routines.

Kyle showing his two handed cracking skills with a pair of Noreast Whips Catalyst Bullwhips

,double-fisted whips

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3 Responses to Two Handed Whip-Cracking With A Pair Of Catalysts

  1. Kyle says:

    Hi Steve! Thanks for posting my video on the forum! I am still enjoying the whips, and I feel my two handed cracking is comming along nicely.
    For anyone out there considering a whip from noreastwhips, I can say, weather you choose the $85 Catalyst Bullwhip or the $200+ Standard X Bullwhip YOU CAN’T GO WRONG!!! While Steve’s whips may differ in price, his standard of quality NEVER CHANGES!!! Steven is one of the few nylon whip makers I’ve seen that NEVER cuts corners when it comes to quality!

  2. Pablo says:

    I was wondering if the Catalyst was now much more expensive than before, but no, 170$ is for both of them (in case anyone was wondering). I have on of those too:

    I wish I could handle it as well as Kyle.

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