New Price For Catalyst Bullwhip

Due to the demand of the number of Catalyst orders being received, as well as higher cost materials, I’ve decided to raise the price of the Catalyst. Prices on some other whip models will also increase soon.  It’s been a goal of mine to offer well made, but reasonably priced, nylon & polyester whips. The prices on Noreast Whips are certainly competitive with other synthetic whipmakers.

In an effort to help accommodate last minute orders for Christmas, I’m trying hard to have some whips in stock & ready to ship. If you’d like to receive news on in-stock items, you have several options:

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  5. Sign up for the newsletter.  

Thanks to all of you who’ve purchased a whip & continue to support Noreast Whips. I look forward to building you your next whip!


Noreast Whips.


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