Email Replies & OTS (Off The Shelf) Whips

catalysts It seems lately, maybe for a few months now, that many of my email replies are not being received by those contacting me through the website. What’s happening in most cases is that my replies are going to spam or junk folders. I answer every email received, even those that seem pretty rude. Not everyone checks their spam folder to see if any important or safe emails get pushed there, but many have told me this has happened with my emails. As many who visit the Noreast Whips site will also check the blog, I figured this post was a good idea.

Now & then, my replies bounce back, due to recipients’ email inboxes being full. There’s nothing I can do about this, but try & reply again. Some people have shown anger or frustration in follow-up emails, believing that their emails are being ignored. This isn’t the case, as I do answer every email. On the contact form page of Noreast Whips, there is a note that asks people to give me up to 3 days to reply. Some still will email daily, even multiple times a day, with various questions. This only increases the time it takes me to get through the emails, as well as keep me from work at the bench.

If you’re currently waiting for an email reply from me, please give me 2-3 business days at most to reply. Several times during the day or night I’ll check emails, trying to keep them from piling up; while watching a hockey game or ball game. Yet there are weekends I try to ‘get away’ from work, leaving emails till the following week. If you contact me on a Friday night, I may not respond until Wednesday of the following week. If you don’t see a reply from me in your inbox, check your junk or spam folder, as it’s probably there. Then mark my email address as a safe contact.

Thanks to all of you who support Noreast Whips, it’s greatly appreciated! I’m working hard to get each & every order out the door in the time originally quoted. Delays do creep in here & there; backordered materials, sickness (mine or others in house), sore hands, a needed day or two off, etc. There will be some new additions to the site soon, so keep an eye out for those. If you haven’t already, sign up for the newsletter to receive emails now & then with all the current news of specials & stuff. Talk again soon.

For those of you looking for a short whip, there are some items on the Off The Shelf Page.

~Steve Huntress,
Noreast Whips

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