Delays & Long Days

This is just a quick post to inform everyone on my order list of the delays I’m experiencing with whip orders. Many of you know that a recent blizzard left me without power for four days. In this time, no whip work was done. It was simply too cold in my shop to work. Most of my time was spent dealing with snow removal & heating the house with firewood. One would think that four days off translates into four days behind schedule. However, as the snow melted, water seeped into my basement. More time has been spent dealing with the flooding & moving my work space around temporarily. Right now, I’m running behind at least two weeks.

What this means is that if I quoted you a wait of 5 weeks, then the wait has increased to 7 weeks. I’m very sorry for the delays & am working hard to get caught up as quickly as possible. Of course, I don’t want to work so fast that it detracts from the quality of the work. When people ask me how long of a wait it is before placing their order, I always try to over estimate, in order to give some sort of buffer. Yet I’m not always spot on with my estimates. Things such as weather, loss of electricity, sickness, family emergencies, material delays, etc. can arise at any time & make it difficult for accurate waiting time projections.

Thank you to all who’ve been patient with the delays & for your encouraging words. I apologize for the frustration caused with the increased wait.

~Steve Huntress,
Noreast Whips.

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