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Whipmaking Ebook

The Noreast Whips MAS/BAB Whipmaking Ebook includes instructions on building a 3 ft snakewhip & bullwhip. If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at building a nylon whip, this easy to follow instructional will help you succeed.

This is an introductory to nylon whipmaking, detailing how to construct a 3 ft 12 plait nylon whip, both snakewhip & bullwhip. However, with some modifications, the instructions can be used to build whips up to 6 ft.

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Also available for Kindle Download.


The newest title from Noreast Whips is Nylon Whipmaking:  Tips & Techniques Vol. 1. It’s a collection of blog posts & email exchanges I’ve had with other whipmakers over the years. These chapters can be found online, but may not be easy to collect, so I’ve made them available here in this collection.It’s now available for both computer download & for Kindle.

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