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The nylon Noreast Whips uses is either 450, 550 or 650 series, coreless & with core. There’s some debate among whipmakers & others who braid items from paracord or paraline on whether or not the 650 cord is wider than 550. Truth is, sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t; it depends on the manufacturer of the nylon, & not necessarily the distributor from where most people buy it. I’ve used 450 & 550 cord that was wider than 650, & vice versa. Because the popularity in paracord has soared over the past few years, more manufacturers have surfaced, & the number of distributors of paracord has also multiplied. Not all companies use the same thread count in the manufacturing process.

Having said that, my first choice is to use the 650 series, coreless if it’s available. The following places are those from which Noreast Whips has purchased nylon cord.

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